Why is this track rejected? I

Hi. I’m new to audio production, and I uploaded my track two weeks ago. Today I got feedback in mail from AudioJungle, saying it’s been rejected. They didn’t tell why, but I’m curious 'cause it sounds good to me. I’m begginer so I would appreciate if someone would point out what’s wrong with the track.

hey! I think it sounds good for the genre (but i don’t really do anything in this genre admittedly). It’s probably the fact that you just have two straight repeats with no variation.

Hi mate,
Your track is good, but it have the same feel all the time. You can make it less instruments on the verse then bring all the instruments in chorus. But you need to make those part more contrast, so people will feel the variation.
I think you can improve on this track for more. It’s good already. Just change something.
Hope you get lucky on next times.