Hard Rejections

If I am wrong about this then I apologise well in advance.

If an item is hard rejected then it cannot be resubmitted following minor changes and fixes such as eq adjustments and other mastering changes. I thought, according to the T&C’s that there has to be significant changes to the original item that renders it to be a new item for it to be legitimately considered for review.

I was wondering if authors are not making significant changes to a hard rejected item and resubmitting previously rejected items hence the growing review queue. If I am wrong then as I stated at the beginning I apologise to all.

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I bet most of us are a little bit guilty of this occasionally, especially when the term significant changes is open to interpretation. I suppose it would help if Envato actually did something to police the rule (or any of their rules for that matter).

Those of us that give advice about rejections here could really do with some guidance from Envato since we are effectively providing a service to them. Should we be dissuading people from resubmitting anything and reiterating that with “You are not allowed to resubmit this track, even with the changes suggested, but on your next track, pay attention to…”?

Personally though, I think the main thing affecting the queue is that anyone can upload anything. That tape recording of my 6-year-old nephew practising baa baa ‘rainbow’ sheep on his recorder isn’t gonna get accepted… Well, maybe if I just add in a little 90’s string pad, oh, and a touch of echo. Maybe a snare on every beat too… Hang on… There. Submitted. :ballot_box_with_check:

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Please let me know when “Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep” goes live, I would like to buy it.


:laughing: Will do!

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Hi my friend. As my suggestion, I’ve never edited and upload a rejected item again. You should always struggle to do better than the last :slight_smile: Don’t give up, I believe you’ll do more. Good luck :slight_smile:

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