I see several threads here about hard rejections talking about trying again with updated versions based on people’s feedback. Isn’t that not allowed?

This fairly clearly says no. Am I missing something?

It says « You must create a brand new item and ensure it is entirely distinguishable from your rejected item». Though I’ve never resubmitted anything, I understand it as you can have the same chord prorgression and melody, but change instrumenation and arrangement, or vice versa. Simply said, if you change everything that was wrong, but keep everything that was OK, it would be brand new item. In some cases it could be that everything is wrong, but then I think one should stop uploading and start learning. I know some people think «oh, maybe the reviewer had a bad day and so he/she rejected my beatiful item. I’ll just change a shaker sample, transpose the whole track up on one half step and slow it down by 5 Bpm, that would be new item!». No, it would not. If the problem was in shaker sample, that would be soft reject and the reviewer would inform you about that. That’s my view on that.