Hard Rejection

I am a fresher author on Graphicriver. I had uploaded a logo template and the reviewer’s team rejected my template by saying, it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, Please review my template and do provide feedback.


Wow! That “B” is humongous compared with text. Also there is no concept behind your logo.

Thanks for your review.

Raghav Sapra

hi Raghav
to be honest , it seems to me that what u have here is a bit “naive” … there are some execution issues so that the item looks really professional (relief of color inside the B, look at the sort of white stroke on top and at the bottom of the b for instance … the curves looks uneven …and same goes in the left part of the letter)
there is a complete disconnection between illustration and text … the illustration is very rounded , the rest is very squared … the illustration is full of color, the text is full black color … the illustration is showing much relief , the text is dead flat …plus both parts are very far from each other until they look like they are two separated parts indeed … both parts need to imbricate
u need to have a horizontal version of the logo too and with such a discrepancy of size between illustration and text , this is unlikely to look good in any way … there maybe a bit difference between both parts but in this case, the illustration is ultra prevailing over the text … which is not necessarily a good idea in any event for branding matters as business owners may expect to have their name remembered … not only the main symbol …
finally but not least , for there is no real concept in your logo at this stage , u have a stylized b, ok … but is this connected to “business issues” and what kind of business ? this is looks pretty nebulous as regard to who your target is, who the logo is being addressed to and so on …

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Thank you so much for this detailed review. I will try to improve it.

Raghav Sapra