Hard rejection... your opinion!

Has this track some problems (mix, too much minimal or something else) or is it useless for the market? (mainly because of too much tracks…)
Thanks for your feedback

Hello, being a hiphop beatmaker I have the feeling there is no real “hiphop” here, but listening to the track is nice, and I would personally see it in videos I watched recently!!

To be honest I don’t find obvious flaws here… I would be interested in others opinion on this one. The track has no real melody, it is not really “catchy”, but this can be a plus as a background music… but maybe this is the problem they saw?

I am still totally confused on why the reviewers don’t add at least one word about what is wrong (at least “mixing” or “composition” or “business value”…)


Thanks for your feedback. And I definitely agree reviewers could at least categorize the hard rejection with just a word… also a fair “we’ve got too many items like these, our jungle’s going to implode if we accept any more items like these” would be appreciated!!