Guys Need feedback on hard reject

Hello! I got a reject today for this track. Tell me please what am I doing wrong? For a long time did not reject.

P.S Uploaded the track in the experimental, abstract.

I’m at a loss…


Hi! My guess is that its the composition, the chord progression feels quite dark and also repetitive. I love the sounds, so maybe try making a new more neutral chord progression and see where it takes you. Not my genre of expertise so thats just my stomach feel, anyway good luck!


Hm, yes, I checked your portfolio, and I love your work!!
(oh just a note: your “hip-hop collection” link does not work maybe because if is a “private collection”?)

So, this track is really nice to me, but the second chord feels a bit strange, I like it, but as @MojoSoundtrackMusic said it is a bit “dark”, and maybe this reviewer was more used to happy corporate stuff with conventional chord progressions…

Simply move on, I know how bad we feel when we get hard rejected, but simply move to the next one…

Good luck!


Nice, nice. I like both the sounds and the mysterious, abstract chords. No clue why it got rejected, tho.

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wow! nice sound! maybe the chord combination it’s a little bit daring… but the sound it’s great! :slight_smile:
good luck!

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Thank you very much for your feedback, colleagues!

I really like this track, its chords and deep sound, but I’ll make it more popular))

Thank you! Good luck and good sales!

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