Hard reject, feedback wanted.

Hello, dear fellow author. I’d really appreciate some feedback on my latest hard reject.

Here it is:

I didn’t put the watermark on it because I’ve decided not to resubmit it but let people have it if they like it.
Now that it has been rejected I can kinda hear all sorts of things that could be improved, but I’d like some objectivity. Is it the musical ideas or the sounds? Or both? Please, be brutal :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you

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This is one of the rejected tracks I listen to a few times and don’t get really an idea why… I like the composition, the quality of the mix and instruments… Maybe you could have started at 0:28 the part that starts at 0:54 and opens up the theme of the song. That is the only thing that comes to my mind.

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It does come across as a bit monotonous at the beginning. Could be it. Thank you so much for the input

Hi there, I am new so…please forgive me. I like the track very much and I can’t see why it hasn’t been approved. Maybe the best part of the track arrives a bit late. That’s the only think that I can think of!

Honestly, after 2 years here I still feel like a noob myself. Thank you for the feedback!

It’s got a nice feel-good Christmas feel to it, I like it.

To me, it feels like it is missing some kind of glue to bring all of the instruments together at the start. It sounds a bit empty at the moment.

The melody in the part from 0:54 onwards is lacking a bit of punch as the attack time in the string samples that you’ve used is too long to be agile enough to express the energy and quickness of the notes. Also, many of the notes are late.

I’m guessing by glue you don’t mean compression but another instrument. Got it.
Also good point about the note attacks. I remember spending a lot of time trying to get my strings to play on the beat, sometimes moving them up to 50ms ahead of time. Maybe I should consider a different library. Thanks for being honest, good stuff!

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