2 Hard Rejects I'm confused about

I don’t usually like to do this after being hard rejected but these 2 songs in particular kind of got under my skin.
I’m just looking to get some constructive criticism on both. I feel as if I have less marketable tracks than these in my portfolio at the moment. I’m just confused at how exactly marketability is measured from track to track.

Hi here !!!
The first track is a good start , but there are tools popping up as if out of balance !
In the second track need to be replaced with something bass , and kick they are too Intrusive !
and so good works !:wink:

Hi there,

With the first track, most likely the fade out at the end is the main reason. Work out a good ending chord.
With the second one I agree with @WildLion_Production about the bass. It sounds too synthetic. The tambourine panned hard left could be another point that hurts.
Nice tracks though!

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@WildLion_Production @SixideBeats thx guys

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I agree with guys about the endings of the both tracks. I think the first one is more lounge item, than trip hop. The second one have too loud kickdrum.
Here is the video which can help you - The top rejection reasons in the Audio Jungle review process and how to avoid them!

@Mr_S Thx ill be sure to check out the video