Hard Rejected, really? Why? Need feedback

I have 180 items in my portfolio, already there is an item in my portfolio create on these settings and instruments that brought me two licenses “Music Broadcast & Film” and more than 10 standart licenses. And now … “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.” Seriously? What is happening? I need feedback on what’s wrong with this track…

You just don’t have the label " favorites")

I made a mistake. you have a mark… Apparently overlooked)

Nice track, perfect ‘Boom Bap’ HipHop for vlogs etc… Nothing wrong with it in my opinion​:thinking::thinking: Mix sounds also good… I got a strange rejection myself today, maybe it was the same reviewer​:unamused:

it’s a shame that I have no idea what to fix so as not to get hard reject again

its a mystery to me

Hello, I am not an expert, but I am currently studying this genre (vlog hiphop), and something is “off” to my ears in your tracks… I don’t have the same harmony as you in my head… for some reason I want to hear the relative minor to the major your have used.
I really feel uncomfortable listening to this track, waiting for a kind of harmonic resolution that never comes…
Just by changing the bass, boom, that would sound right to my ears.
If the reviewer was like me, this could be the reason of rejection.
Please note that this is just my opinion, my feeling, and I don’t pretend I am “right” :slight_smile: There is no “right” or “wrong” in art :slight_smile:

I understand how you feel, as I experienced a rejection very recently and was really surprised… well… I guess we have to move on :slight_smile:

I’ll check your portfolio!

Wow, listening quickly to all your other hiphop tracks… well done!!!

This one (the rejected one) here has something really different, even in the mix, as if was not composed by the same person… I listened to it again, and to me something is “off”… first, the harmony, with the bass line, where you want us to be in major, but the chords behind could be minor, and the piano, which is too loud I think… and the lack of “glue” between elements (a mixing problem?)

Again, I am not here to give lessons, being such a newbie here (well I am not a newbie concerning hiphop beats though…), these are just my feelings, hoping they might help you understand the rejection.

Man, it sounds amazing to my ears… don’t understand what’s the problem with this track.