Hard Rejection - need your opinion.

Need your opinion on this one. Actually I have more simple project in my portfolio that ware accepted. May be last months the quality is rising. :slight_smile:

After hard rejection every author has 3 choices:

  1. Make a protest via help center by submitting a ticket
  2. Forget about that project for ever
  3. Remake the project making “meet the quality requirements”

So Usually after hard rejections (it’s my third one) I take choice 3 and redone the project by transform it to something else, like logo pack, refilm etc.

So I’m planing to refilm the scenes with better camera and optics and movements and redone the image animation and the text graphic. But will be happy to hear and your voice on that: need of such a project, quality, idea, etc.


This is a nice concept.

It must be made more succinct, perhaps breaking it up into several clips with one or two destinations each. Think broadcast parameters… a :30 spot and you need room for an open and/or closing tag… that leaves :25 or less for your content.

There’s too much lag time in the movements before we see the text information, and the text is very difficult to read. The text doesn’t need to transition in… have it there from the start to save valuable time.

Consider the notion that this footage could be placed as an inset on a webpage at a dimension of only a couple hundred pixels tops… so the text won’t even be noticed let alone read. Consider cutting to an ECU of the text.

Again, very cool concept. Consider swapping the desert sands for other appropriate environments for specific destinations… on a beach, a museum, etc.

Hey onqfilm,

Thanks for the comment. Actually it’s very usefull. The 30 secs spot versions are good idea. And tags before and after will be accurately added for those version. Timing in text will be corrected. As I see this several times, truly there is a problem of reading text on small screens.

About your Idea to swap the environment with other destination. It’s possible but that means to shoot it completely in studio with chroma key. But It’s possible to make and such a version and include it too.

Again thanks for the useful comment!

Once you get this dialed in, I predict many sales. Keep us posted.

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