Hard Rejected....Any idea!!

Hi there! My recent project is rejected. Please view it and provide feedback, so mistakes don’t repeat again.


This has a very nice flow… good music selection.

The sample text is unreadable at the nominal screen size… think about where this clip will be viewed. Online? Then you have to make your text pop, bold and legible.

The people scenes sort of blended together… you could have taken the Financial Analysis guy and swapped in around with virtually any of the other scenes and it wouldn’t have made any difference. I would shorten it up, fewer scenes, but more variation… get some customer interaction. Have staff at a client location… mix in some folks that are clearly not buttoned-down, 30-something, office bees.

There’s lots to build upon with this piece. I can imagine it as a quicker-paced, harder hitting :30 ad.

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Very nice! I think the issue maybe the font was a bit small to read and long video. maybe you need to add more about how to customize the colour and layout.

Thanks for your inputs…

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