reject project

Reject project

i upload 5 after effect project and all rejected , this is my last rejected project

the problem is if this project file is bad i see many project is not better then of this one let me know where is the problem to update

and pleas help ( i see in second 11 problem need to fix)

but i am not sure what i must to do to get the quality to improve my project

my englich is not good :smile:

Text at frame 0:03, 0:10 is way too big and very static try to add movement, lower its size. the main problem with this template, in my opinion, is logo animation at the end & frame for the text ( white & yellow bars) is very static.

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Ok Done i well update all the text i am not perfect in typography thaxx :wink::smiley:

Hi. I think it´s not the right font to use. Look some other examples on videohive and you´ll see. I guess some text and image slides should be a little bit smoother, that can make the difference. Good luck next time :+1: