My project rejected for several times. Have any idea??


My project has been rejected for 4 times. The first two were about the design requirements. But the 3rd one was about fonts and needed to be more user friendly. This time I did everything and added 2 more designs and changed the fonts. But this time rejected again because of the quality requirements. I don’t understand what is wrong. When I check the new uploads, new added projects I see they are much more simpler than my project for the animations. I just need to understand whats wrong. Can anybody have any idea.

Thank you very much.

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In all honesty I think they look fine, and better than most broadcast channels use. I have had similar ones rejected with no apparent reason other than ‘not up to our standard’.

As long as the back end of your file is nicely organised I don’t see why they would need to reject this. Unless they have certain darlings in their community that they only accept these days.


Actually it has been 2 months that i have been working on this project to make it accepted. And inside its really well organised. I buy and use these kind of designs from videohive and i always try to make it user friendly. Its my first after effects project. Maybe thats the reason why they make it so hard. But thank you so much. I have been flattered because i was going to think that maybe i cant do this. So i was about to give up. You made me feel that i am not the problem. Thanx again :slight_smile:


Hey man, that is great work, I’m just wondering because the audio for the video is in mono, would that effect the rejection?

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Thank you really. But the audio is not mono, and its a demo audio, so its not included in the project. And I dont think the audio affects the project. But thanx anyway.

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I got the same problem for Motion Titles 2
rejected with the following reason:

‘Recently, we’ve been receiving a very large amount of animated text/title projects and therefore we’re very strict when reviewing these kinds of projects. Because there is so much competition in this genre, we only accept projects that we feel provide exceptional design quality and execution. Unfortunately, this project does not meet our high standards for this kind of style.’

Probably is the same is for your item.

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Yes. When they rejected at the first time 2 months ago the rejection reason was exactly like this. Then I tried 3 more times and every time the message was changing and I was going forward. But between the 3rd and 4th time uploading I waited a little more about 6-7 weeks. And they now just say the design quality something.

I am really getting bored trying over and over again.

Hi friends, I had the same problem with two after effects projects rejected by what I read in the forums and I have been told I will tell you my opion about your project:

  • There is already a project very similar to yours as well with a minimalist design and using the colors black yellow and white. Search as “minimal titles”

  • I would also tell you to change the background image as it prevents you from appreciating the animation you did well.

  • Use the envato logo: this can be downloaded format “zip” in one of the sections of the envato page

sorry my english :smiley:

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Yes I think you are right. I will do these as you said and for the last time I will try to upload it. And I hope it will work out well. Thank you so much. I will let you know. :slight_smile:

Rejected again and i created a complete new design with a 20 animations pack. I hope it will be accepted :slight_smile:

If you got your project up months ago it would have been accepted … just that now we’ve reached a saturation. I agree with iMileda, that the background with the water droplets fights with the text… (it is too high contrast and therefore distracting)
For going forward… I would ask how you can add a twist to this genre… Perhaps try to specialize in a specific type of title.
You want to get the reviewer saying…“oh this is a little different”…

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Thank you for your reply. I changed the design just a little bit and i changed colors and the background. But rejected again. So i dont know the real problem but I think maybe the number of the designs are not enough and the designs are not in a high quality as you said. So here is the link for the new BG file. I will be so happy if you check this out and make a review as well.

And 3 days ago I added 9 more animations and made it totally 20. I cant share it now until I get the reply for it. It still waits for a review from envato team. If they accept or reject, I will post a reply here again.

Thank you very much again and have nice design days :slight_smile:

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the animations look fine… I would still try a different background that
might relate to the titles… not a sky…

  • at 33… you have white on white… doesn’t contrast very well… it is
    little things like this that can make the

project fail on the whole… consider every detail…

for music… I used this one for my Titles… its a little more
sophisticated… (in my opinion)

for a background image… I would chose something more corporate… (which
is your target audience)

So… go to Pexel and search for “office” or “corporate” or… an image
like this but /bring up the levels and lower t/

/_the contrast… _/This might help to give it more focus for your
demographic… or a person in a suit… etc.

This is just my opinion… but as is I don’t think the sky relates or
adds anything to the titles.

hi there,
your project is nice but i think it requires a little of improvements in my opinion, for example
Title 1 : Double animation, taking too long to reveal !
Title 3+4 : that white shape require some speed up/down with the graph editor
Title 5 : The logo animation need some speed up/down with the graph editor

here is the graph editor :

Title 6 : that shape is so weird and not required

also why don’t you try to add more animations ??

again, this is only my opinion and i wish your project get accepted.

Thank you so much. I changed the background for the last upload earlier from your review. But its not a corporal BG as you say. and you’ve been so helpful. I will reply again as soon as I get a reply from Envato.

Yes ypu are right about the animations. On the last one I uploaded I fixed the exact ones you say. And now I am still waiting for a reply, its been 5 days already. And as soon as I get a reply I will write a review here. Again thank you very much, you’ve been so helpful.

no worries mate, i hope your project get accepted.

Hello everyone again, thank you for all your reviews before. My project is rejected again for the 5th time. I completely changed the project and now i need to know why. Because I did most of the review fixes of yours. Maybe the background is still not good. Maybe color controls are too much and it they think the user may be confused because of too many color control layers. Maybe the animations are still not good enough. I tried to fix all of them but still not succeeded. Could you please watch the latest upload preview video and make comments. I really need your help on this. Thank you very much again. Here is the latest upload preview:

Hi MbrEffects,

My last upload is rejected again. I appreciate your reviews. Could you please check the last upload and write a comment. Thank you so much.

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Hi MoveNshake,

My last upload is rejected again. I appreciate your reviews. Could you please check the last upload and write a comment. Thank you so much.