Project has been Rejected

Would you please help me to find out the reasons?

My description was like bellow:
Back To School Intro
After Effects Version CS6
Files Included After Effects Project Files
Resolution 1920x1080
Frame rate : 30
File Size 980kb
5 Scene
Duration 19 sec
Compatible with After Effects CS6 and above!
NO PLUG-IN needed
Feel free to contact me on any queries
Audio included. Audio is loyalty free.
Get Audio Here

Well, this looks good to me, don’t know why a good stuff like this is rejected. Feel sorry for you!!

Thanks for your kind feedback. If possible pls give some tips to join videohive.

Sorry to say that, but the template isn’t good to be approved, why?

The text animation is very basic and looks static, the overall colors and the design elements are not good to be approved.

What you can do to improve the template:
1- add depth to the template by adding some elements to the front and background to make it looks a little bit 3d depth.

2- enhance the animations, try to make the animations more dynamic.
3- work more on camera animation.

Once you feel satisfied you can upload it, just don’t rush to upload your template, take your time.

Good luck, just keep trying :+1:

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Thanks For Your Review & Feedback. I will try to follow your instructions.

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Would you please review my project…Every time it is being Rejected.