Hard Reject! Help and opinion so much needed!!!

Hey, guys!! Just received hard reject. As the reasons for rejection are very overall, could you please give your opinions. So much need your feedback!

Thank you in advance!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Absolutely no ideas??

Common guys…

Your music is great. I have been rejected some tracks that i thought is good. But it’s hard to know why.
Sorry for you. You can re-up some rejected track on bandcamp. If someone love your music on Youtube, they can buy there.

good but so much similar competition… I would say that it seems static… in relation to the music. So faster larger zooms. and larger bolder text… Not sure if this alone would help it get accepted… but as is it feels less dramatic than many of its genre. Hope this helps.

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@Cuckoorico, thanks for your reply! Really great to have a feedback :wink:

Currently, thinking about remaking it absolutely due to your advises and also with some new more fresh ideas.
Hope it will look much better and professional.

@LongXmusic, thanks for your advice! you have a nice music!

Anyway, it goes not about music, but about my After Effects project.

does the music really matter in an after effects project? me as a buyer, i replace it anyway according to my production’s need.


I’m totally newbie on videohive, but approving system looks very very very strange and prejudiced for me. I see how very simple and boring projects by power users has been approved with no words, but much more interesting projects from new people rejected. It is not about me, it is what i see in forum topics. Honestly it is makes me kinda scared to spend time and trying to keep working up with videohive, cos i can spend another weeks or even months making the project and finally receive hard reject just, i don’t know, because a reviewer was in bad mood. And i’ll don’t even know what exactly bad in my project or maybe i should to fix something in my technique.

I read all envato’s advices for authors and don’t understand why your project has been rejected. There is much more simple projects with same parallax idea which has been approved. And it is again makes me think that if you was a power author it won’t happened with you. Hope i’m wrong.

Wish you luck with your further projects!

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Dear @dpred,

Thank you very much for your time and attention to the topic!
Highly appreciate it, as the topic has a real importance for me.

Recently, I’ve created a new second project which is absolutely different from the previous one. It was Colorful Dynamic Slideshow. I’ve spent two weeks creating it, then I’ve learned some basic html tags in order to prepare great product presentation, rendered nice thoughtful pics, including .gif images, prepared great very useful and detailed video instruction, and then… Received second HARD REJECT.

Currently, I’m preparing third project, and if the situation will be the same as with the two previous projects, I really don’t know what to do and in what direction to move. I’m not the person who gives up, but the things look very strange to me. I really feel sorry, that you are in the same situation with hard rejection. I know, how it feels. And sincerely wish you success with your further projects!

As for me, if there were just understanding and confidence, that my efforts and skills can be capitalized, I won’t give up and will continue to improve my skills in motion design & graphics, but… Don’t want to think, that this is impossible…

Thanks, to all you, my friends and probably colleagues, for reading so much text :))

Good luck to all the authors!

Kind regards,

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