Hard rejection,can it be fix?


I uploaded this template

i want to know what is the error so I can fix it
thank you


To be honest reviewer is correct. the project is not upto mark according to present trend. there is lot of competition in the market now. even best project is getting couple of sales only. so even it is accepted it will not get sales. so look at the present trend and make an awesome and unique project. good luck


Hi, Hard rejection Item you will not be able to resubmit. So please spend time to study on Trending Items on Envato market. Thanks


You can´t resubmit except you make great significant changes that make a difference between this and the modified project, any other way you can´t.
On the other hand, project is long to watch because in my opinion you repeat the same transition and graphics over and over again, the only thing that changes is the picture behind. It needs many more variations to make it more dynamic to see and to catch the attraction of customers.
Good Luck!:+1:


Hi there, besides what GFM wrote, your video preview titles are not correct, eg. “VEDIO TUTORILA”. Video preview is very important and your typing errors were surely one of the reasons for rejection.