Hard rejected Logo Template , Need your opinion

Hi guys, need your opinion on this one. Is it bad design? it’s my third one

First thing I noticed is that I don’t see the lion face at all on the black background version, it just looks abstract. The white and yellow I think look quite cool, but if you could make the lion face more obvious I think that would go some way towards making it a better logo.

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On the black background it looks like few lines, and not a lion. Too small forehead. And bad typography. The word in the horizontal version should be on the center, but it is below the centre line.

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Hi there everyone , i have a question regarding the main .EPS file for upload.
So , it goes like this : if i have my logo made in 6 different colors , with both dark and light versions do I need to put all those 12 logos in the same EPS file , or should i have for each logo a different EPS file?

Probably best and most convenient to have them all in the same EPS file.

Oh , great , and i need to have all the swatches used , and organized by layers , right? And that will be a single main file.
Like this is good?

Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

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Did your item got accepted eventually?