Another Reject ?

This is my second try at logo template, this time I went for a much simpler logo but it’s still rejected. I would really appreciate some feedback on it!

Looks decent. I do not like the black elipse and your lines are not clean and fluid enough. The shape and bear anatomy needs more work.

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Thx for reply! Im trying to figure out what could be the reason for rejecting it. I understand the bear anatomy could be slightly off, but for somehow abstract representation used for logo its very relative thing. Can you tell me more about what you mean by non fluid and clean lines?

Also - do you think it might be that the problem is that I went for black only template? Should I show some ways of usage? Any tips for that?

Here I pointed some issues.

When I said fluid lines I referred to the curves smoothness. You have some bumps along lines. I understand the logo should be stylized but when anatomy is off then its off.

You should add some color variations and you can use some mock-ups for your presentation.

hi i understand what @designsomething and u tried to discuss … though u have to identify that he was right about something this is that the execution, at this stage is not good enough. But, ad for me, this is not te bear the problem, but the curved lien under … this is very strangely placed if u ask me …

as for yje ellipse, i rather like it , though i guess that u must have a white stroke behind the right part of the body of your bear if u wanna keep it … it may even be better to have it on the left too BTW …

though, for me the main problem that u have, especially for here , this is terms of typo … do not get me wrong this is sort of clean, but for here , when they put so much stress on this part , i think that this is failing to provide enough originality and font combinations indeed, not to mention that additional “ltd” and “2013” are not only superfluous but they are also rather likely to ruin the harmony of what u have done this far …

just like what u have been wandering i also consider that the one-color look of what u have here is rather likely to be a problem for u to have the item accepted as this is looking “too raw” and not worked out enough if u wish …

for me buddy, there is nothing wrong with the leg of the bear on the left side, yes the shadow is big but there is nothing shocking about it … i tend to agree for all the other things otherwise :slight_smile:

Thx alot for feedback guys - kinda sad this logo couldn’t make the cut as I personally liked it, But I totally understand what you are saying. To be honest i wasn’t thinking these kind of things will be the problem for template logo - but the quality requirements are obviously very high :slight_smile: I like that and Ill keep trying :slight_smile: