Hard Rejected in hip-hop music? Need feedback please

Unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward…Why did this happen?

Probably main chords are too loud and wide. Too “in your face” while drums are kinda quiet and in the backgound. Also, the track seems to be a little empty. I would add some additional samples and filter tricks to spice things up a little.

Anyways, it is a nice beat, but i think it needs to be balanced and developed a little more.

I think this music is not bad :wink:
just try to add something to arrangement and to change main chords, especially after 0:30…

I think is because the same chords sounds all the time. Change a little bit more, add some other movement, add something. But generally sounds very nice! Good luck!

I’d agree with @REYLLAND. The track is very cool and sounds great, but suffers by lacking some sort of established B section. I really hope you’re able to salvage this and use it again for something since it’s really well done. Good luck moving forward!