Please comment on this hard reject.

Hi, everyone. “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately”. Please explain, why it does not meet Envato quality standards?

Hi @AdreamAudio, welcome to the forum.
At first: I do not produce Hip Hop music and I am not a specialist to judge this piece of music with the knowledge of this genre. See my words as as possible customer, who is browsing the catalog with a click on your track.

  • There’s no intro. Your intro sounds like a fade in in a full outworked loop.
  • The kick drum and the bass doesn’t sound like, what I would expect in a Hip Hop track. In my opinion the kick has too much presence, also the bass sound.
  • There is no song evolving. You repeat that 4-bar pattern in the beginning 4 times. To make it a bit more interesting, you’ve deleted some kick beats. But for that 16 bars it is too boring.
  • The change in the bridge at 00:46 are simply the deleted bass and drum parts, nothing more
  • after the bridge you repeat the same 4-bar pattern from the beginning
  • in my opinion that brass sound is unlucky chosen
  • The mix is not Hip Hop like

I don’t know, what the secret is, to make a Hip Hop track more various - but to be honest, your track is too simple, too many repetitions (which makes it boring), unlucky chosen sounds and I miss the pressure of low bass, what is typical for Hip Hop tracks. Maybe some vocals would help.

But maybe here some other forum members, who have a better knowledge than me in this genre.

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thanks for feedback :slight_smile: