Unfortunately your submission

Unfortunately your submission Light Hip-Hop isn’t ready for AudioJungle…

Friends, what is wrong in this track? My opinion it is ideal for AudioJungle!


it has nice ideas but the strings sound to fake, it is a bit slow and the mix could use some cleaning up. Hope that helps. Rejection hurts but usually the staff know what they are doing.

If it is this the same version you submitted as the one on Soundcloud, the very start of it is badly cut. It begins right in with a nasty click. Might be one of the reason for the rejection.

Drums are ok, not my style though, the sample quality and buildup are the real bottlenecks here, the track begins very sudden and (especially the string) samples sound bad. Not a fan of that lead sound that first comes in at 0:14. I like the vocal thing you did. Needs some bass, some aggressive sub bass or something. Good luck!

thank you very much, I hope your advice will help me!))

you are right, click there … Thank you for your attention.

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Thank you for vocals and drums!))) unexpectedness track is my idea. I try to fix the bass and serious