Hard Rejected Holiday Flyer


Need a little help. Any feedback on why this may have been Hard Rejected?

This is my 5th submission, so I have the basic guidelines down, but I’m obviously missing something here.

Thanks in advance!

Oh, if its your 5th rejection i advice u stop changing this flyer and create new, with out white-black gradient on text like now)) Change colors on “gold”, because this is not gold!;( Make something new, just watch on previous approved flyers and take all senses from another authors if u dont feel it now. Good luck and up yoour experience :1st_place_medal::1st_place_medal::1st_place_medal:


Let me be more clear; I have 4 approved flyers and this is my 5th.

Could you provide clearer feedback? What does “Change colors on “gold”, because this is not gold!” mean?

Gold looks not natural, dude. Gray gradient looks dirty.
Change gradient color and footer bottles, i think. :metal:

I recommend you to check the newest accepted files and get inspired. You will be closer for understanding the quality, composition standards.

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I would agree with previous comments.

But it is the text heirachy that is probably the main reason for the hard reject.

Text needs to flow in an egg shape, not short word, long word then longer word or sentence.

It should look like this, and have some graphic to separate them if not, (ignore the dots).

two, three


.Two, three
Four, Five, Six


Hi tmcom,

Thank you! The previous comments actually weren’t helpful since they didn’t include any tangible feedback, but yours did.

I didn’t think the text layout was a huge issue, but now it’s obvious it’s off. Thank you.

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Welcome @brothermoon, but the featuring color is too dark, and is probably contributing to a rejection. and text heirachy below that looks like one block, or is together, which means it probably won’t make it?

Best to study mine, (click on avatar image, link) and others and try again.

But the flyer has good bones, and probably got close?

Good luck.