Hard Rejected , I dont know what's the main reason.

I’ve been working a lot on this flyer and I think the hierarchy is the main reason.


  1. Palm resolution is very low. Not good for your design
  2. Where is a shadow? Mountain, palm and board are hanging in the air!
    What about scale? (Mountains and palm)
  3. What is it? Trails? motion blur? why is it here?
  4. Where is you color correction? Need to be add

you can fix it.
The overall color scheme is not bad

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тьфу ты, не видел, что ты русский :wink:

@malbred Thanks for your advice so much ! I am able to send it again?

if its a hard think no

Yep, text, don’t put YOURLOCATION, as one word, and probably put 8$ as $8, and the text color goes well with the blue, but is it still a little hard to read, so party, etc needs an outline or edge.

YOUR DOMAIN, needs to be with the rest of the text, as making it vertical might be pushing a rejection.

And also true that the palm tree being blurry is pushing it, and the edges also being blurry is pushing it some more, (best to use the pen tool then reverse it and then use the clone stamp tool, for a sharp edge, just Youtube that).

But good idea, it just needed more work.


I will do it better but my question is, I am able to send it again?

Some do and get away with it, and others, (me included) would rather not risk it, and make significant changes first.


Should i send it again with critical changes?

Смотри, они пишут, если Hard Rejected во всяком случае у меня ниже по письму пишут

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Merry Christmas And Falling Snow” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Если у тебя такого нету, посылай