Help ! Flyers are Hard Rejected....

I’m make a flyers like Christmas party flyer, Restaurant flyer, Calendar template and Corporate business card. I am submitted and waiting for 2 weeks. But, all the templates are rejected hardly . I don’t why all of my works are rejected. Please help and give me a solution.

Please check reject reasons . I think they mention .

It’s hard to feedback on multiple different items in one thread but you have fairly major issues with design basics especially typography and hierarchy in all of the different ones.

Loosely (not a finite list):


Logo box immediately dilutes the quality

Typography and font choices are not good

Lack of hierarchy esp. with the footer content

Personally, I don’t think the colours are helping


Again typography and hierarchy are all over the place

Feels like a load of elements just showed together to a page without any synergy

The hero text particularly is weak

The tree and the DJ both feel very out of place

Business card:

You need to demo both sides

Typography is the biggest issues

Demo logo (esp. the outline to the tagline/name looks cheap

As with the restaurant one, the colour choices really make it feel cheap


Again no hierarchy

That word cloud is awful

New… is not aligned properly to the main image

Inconsistent margins and spacing throughout

no they do not , if u were familiar with the process, u would know that they do not mention and ask people to come to ask here …

hi first of all u would make our lives much easier if u were posting one by one - one per thread - so that we can more easily detail all things that u may have missed to do properly unless we make pages of writing due to the high number of items here …

food flyer
1- color combinations
they look not good, the yellow is too pure yellow and u are absuively using plain color instead of gradients, blended pictures, and other techniques to bring relief to the table
2- general stye
this is very basic indeed, the bottom line is that once u have taken out the different using that u are using there must be very little left in the main file, which does not help to sell or even to have the thing accepted in the first place …
3- typo
u are very far from standards here … u have to realize that expectations are high when it comes to this part and that it will be required much more efforts from u. Not only are “combinations” not working but indeed the visual mess generated by these bad associations is reinforced by the colors
4- logo
pls make a professional one, do not just put a 30 secs made thing like this, pls invest some time to create something professional that will actually take your preview to the next level rather than emphasizing the flatness of the item
5- elements positioning and breathing,
indeed, a lot of things are placed to close from edges and this is preventing the elements to have the required exposure, the breathing so that the visually globally looks good and professional as expected
6- color variations
they are good if they are all efficient and helping u … in this stage, the green version for instance is really everything but harmonious and is rather like u shoot a bullet in your own foot …
7- icons
too flat, they look like photoshop presets and they bring nothing to the table graphic design wise
8- hierarchy
this is meaning that u have to have clear distinctions between important information and secondary ones, here , this is not clear at all, this is the bottom line, besides, u have important ones looking like secondary and vice versa …
9- “call for action”
a thing like “buy now” is meant to push people … here this is small, in the sideway , basically there is no impact so what is the point to put if if so ? same goes with 35% off … how could this attract anyone and call for people attention when this is put in the sideway , in simple black color on a white background and so on … what i try to explain is that u have to try to make purposes and actual results match in the end
10- presentation
well , how to say this without being too harsh , the presentation is a concentrate of all the mistakes that u have in the flyer otherwise but i want u to identify how important this part is , as this is sort of the interface between u and the reviewer ad afterwards , if the item is accepted this is also the interface between u and the potential buyer, in other words, it has to be impressive , at least u have to try to …

chill christmas flyer
1- rights
sorry to say just this but i am almost sure that the illustration of santa that u have in the sideway is not yours and if i am correct this is really not a good idea to actually use this … all u will end up with is potential or real trouble , besides, if u had made such a quality illustration why would u do the whole flyer in this style, u would have something impressive for sure and soooooooo verrrrrrrryy mucccchhhhhhh better than what u have right now
2- coherence
for me there is a big issue about it … let’s face it having such illustrations like santa or the snowman for a club flyer is quite surreal in a way … i mean these contents are pretty good looking, no doubt about it but this definitely not matching with the target that u try to reach , in other words people going to a club for christmas … if u do this for a christmas market , a special “meet santa” event , a christmas sale in a shop or so, or something of the same nature, ok, but for a club, this looks too “child-oriented” and no-one “can buy it”
3- global style and organization
this is super messy at this stage indeed … it looks like u wanted to “butter elements” all trough the canvas rather than any other thing … not to mention that this “random organization” as some consequences, see the next points … apart from not being really impressed in terms of graphic design, let’s also face it, what u have at this stage is also really crammed , here is what is usually said in agencies, “too much content kills content”
4- z-shape reading
i guess u have never heard about it … this is the way that eyes are sweeping across a document in order to read it … this is also determining the impact zones , in other words, where this is good to place important elements like the logos , titles and so on … nothing of what u have at the moment makes sense as regard to z-shape reading
5- hierarchy
let’s face it nothing can really spring out in such a messy arrangement on the canvas and this is already wrong in the first place, but this goes worse again when size, decoration and positioning of elements tend to “blur people” when it comes to identify primary / essential information and secondary ones… the titles should not be positioned on the sideway if u want it to have the proper attention and duly spring out, the date should be more readable and almost most importantly again, the club name instead of being put twice in very small and so on, should be put only once but be outstanding, noticed and so on … see next point
6- branding
guess what? if someone buys from u, they want to advertise with what they have bought and u think that this is really relevant if the club is almost the last thing that u can notice? people would like their name and place t be remembered , this is branding, if they cannot do, your item dramatically decreases interest , what i mean is why buying is they cannot reach their target to advertise ?
7- colors
i am not sure u have bought about it , but do u think that black background really evokes christmas? and this is the best combination that u could have had ? i also fail to understand why u brought some blue xmas balls. They come out of the blue and the direct consequence is that in the end this looks pasted out there
8- finition
did u analyze that u mistyped christmas? lol i think u can identify that this does not look super professional to come out here with a flyer with misspellings in the first place , but even worse one the mistyping is being applied to the main / central title
9- suggestion
if u really want to introduce the image of a dj for the christmas night, pls try to select something that looks somehow some way connected
10- balance
if all is globally crammed all the same, u still have a discrepancy between the upper and lower part , the lower part being even more crammed when the upper one …, see next point, too
11- margins
indeed, i assume that this is partially due to the very crammed aspect of the footer area but the lower texts actually are for sure in the safety zone, in the best case, but also very likely to be in the trim line area, so i guess that this basically means that if the flyer is cut, the lower text will be cut and appear partially only or disappear completely …

business card
1- misspelling and professionalism
indeed, once again u have a misspelling, which is not looking good in any way but once again , u have it on a central element, the logo, which is even worse …
2- logo
honestly , i think that this is worth investing some time to create a professional looking fake logo that will take your preview to the next level rather than make the thing look flat and not professional enough … see next point
3- execution
what i am pointing out here is that the concerned logo apart from being not particularly attractive visually is also look distorted and there is no way u can possible have an item accepted in such a place like GR with such a thing in the preview …
4- too plain a style
i guess the best way to emphasize this is to point at how many shapes with simple color u have here … i guess all is said once i evoke this … bringing something so plain is not a good idea and may have negative consequences for the buyer when they identify what they get in the main file, see point 8
5- colors and originality
indeed,just have a simple look at many people come here and post rejected business cards with these colors and u will have a better understanding of what i am talking about in this point … apart from being overly seen all the time, these color combinations are not the best that we may dream of, choosing complementary colors , theme code colors or shades of the same colors are safe choices that would help u take your game to the next level indeed
6- identifying the target
u have to realize that the marketplace has changed gamely over the years and that doing too generic a stye like this is no longer a “good thing” that will increase the potential buyer base, this is the other way around nowadays, u need to strike niche if u want the item to work well. here impossible to determine who u are addressing with this card
7- icons
this is photoshop preset level … i believe u can understand that in a platform for professionals like this one, people in the quality control teams, actually look for more than just super basic things like this, not to mention that the icons do not bring more visually speaking , especially in a context with so very little graphic design in the end …
8- commercial potential
as regard to the whole lo of things that i explained the bottom line is that this is not “selling”


this is globally rather clean but …
1- global style
this is sort of clean but also flat and once again there is not so much graphic design out there and this may have an impact on commercial potential indeed
2- white bullet with words inside
pls take out this, i do not know what u tried to do but honestly , u really missed the mark, the thing look really bad and is killing the harmony that u have managed to generate otherwise
3- alignments
pls make sure that all is properly aligned and dimensioned , this does not look particularly good too have the rectangle with the picture mot being aligned an in the same size as the one with the year inside
also make sure that blocks are being aligned vertically , the website for instance should be aligned with both blocks on each side, the header text are disorganizing the thing as well, they would be better if properly aligned
4- breathing
the central picture is definitely too close from calendar elements, this is preventing from breathing and makes your design look not as balanced and harmonious as it could be
5- contrast
do not get me wrong , i am not saying that u are violating this basic design principle here as u are not, though putting a smooth shadow under months and year would help to emphasize them and spring out
6- presentation
oh my! wow the composition is looking as fake as i can be … no one can “buy it” like this …, the just looks likes a combination of elements being pasted right next to each other , shadowing are lacking, details are not contrasting enough and so on and so forth …