Hard Rejected-Help Required

Hey Guys,

Just had these three items hard-rejected. As you know a hard-reject doesn’t come with specific reasons as to why so your opinions would be greatly appreciated.


Hey Sean - First off I think you did a great job with the writing…I think your mix and a few instrumentation choices might be letting you down, IMHO.

**Overall:**Your highs are a bit harsh across all 3 tracks. You may consider a small cut around 3kHz and 8kHz.

Track 1: I like this track! However the brass patches (those aren’t samples right?) are pretty harsh in the midrange and highs and some of the chords you chose don’t really fit with the rest of your harmonic choices.

Track 2: This track is also pretty good but what sticks out to me is that it’s a bit redundant in its arrangement. And the mix is REALLY harsh…hard to listen to at some points. Take a look at 3kHz and 8kHz and see if you can make some EQ cuts that help with that.

Track 3: Another great track man! I think again there’s an issue with your high-midd and highs, that really is apparent with the glock part. The glock also seems out of balance with the rest of the mix…too far out front.

FWIW, I like your writing…good melodies and solid chord structures. I think if you can tame the mix you’d probably see your tracks get accepted. But that’s just my opinion :wink:

Good luck!


Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment. I’m going to take your comments into consideration when working on future projects and also when going back to listen to these three tracks. I wonder though, if it is a case of EQ then why the hard reject it seems like a comment like “bad mix , re mix and resubmit” would be more in line with those type of problems. The repetitive thing I get, though that seems to be the the nature of this type of music. I guess it’s a fine line you have to walk. A hard reject seems more like “This is not the type of music we’re looking for.” I’m just trying to get some clarity so I can move in the right direction. Otherwise everything is just a shot in the dark and to me that’s a waist of time.

Thanks again,

Track 1: I think your melody is to upfront. I’d mix it in a little more.

After reading what SpinToneMusic, I ditto. A lot of your issues is on the higher end of the EQ and a more balanced mix. Try referencing other commercial music and try to make your instrument levels closer to that.

Hope that helps.

Fully agree with SpinToneMusic!!!

Thanks for chiming in guys I really appreciate it. Your comments are a big help.
Keep them coming.