Hard reject - "happy category"

Hi guys, so I’ve got hard rejected. I understand maybe it should be compressed/mixed better but why hard reject.
Please let me know your thoughts

Hi, a few things I picked up on are;

Guitar mix is quite harsh in the high frequencies.

“Tuned percussion” elements sound a little random rhythmically and not very in-tune.

Bass synth is extremely sub, so much so that it barely has any audible pitch to it. Maybe try it an octave higher.

Hope that helps!

Good track but with some issues.
Low frequencies are too muddy. I can’t even figure out what bass is playing and if it’s playing at all…
Flute sounds like a cheap Casio synth.
I really like the vocal sample, but when one part of it keeps repeating all the time it starts to bother me.

The guitar is not interesting when everything blows down. listen to the dynamics in this song.

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Thanks guys so much. I will try to improve it but looks like it is impossible to be approved to audiojungle

Personally, I think that if it weren’t for the bells, this would be very nice. The bells seem to be out of tune. I would try and make sure they are in the same key as all the other elements in the track.

Hope that helped and good luck with getting approved!