Would love to get a little feedback on rejected tracks

Hi - I’ve gotten a couple of hard rejects recently and would love to get some feedback on arrangements/mixes so I can get better at this! So grateful, thanks to anyone who might reply in advance! Lemme have it!


Cool tracks!

For the first one, in my opinion the main issue is the lead synth. Notes are ringing for too long, and the melody doesn’t flow smoothly. The sound of it too may be an issue, though it could go with the style you were aiming for, so I’m not sure. But it is prominent and sort of weighs down the whole track.

I also have an issue with the riser (0:12 to 0:15 for the first pass), it sounds somehow dissonant.

For the second track, it sounds too disjointed rhythmically, especially in the beginning. There is also a structural issue. The different parts seem to follow one another randomly. There is no direction. Have a listen to the bestsellers in this genre, and notice how the tracks are structured, this will help you understand what is in demand here.

Only my opinion of course, don’t mean to offend. Hope it helps!

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Yes, yes and yes! These are very good suggestions, and things that I kinda had in the back of my head as I was pressing the submit button, but you know how sometimes better judgement can be subverted by just being so tired of listening to and working on a track that you’re ready to just move on? That. Probably should have put them away for a bit and revisited with fresh ears.

Thank you very much, I’m gonna probably let these tracks lie as they do for now and move forward - keeping your ideas in mind for the new stuff. It’s early in the morning, but I’m looking forward to checking out some of your stuff soon, too.