Item hard rejected - need your feedback


Hey everyone! :slight_smile:
I guess, it’s pretty much popular topic for a post;) It’s, of course, not the first rejected track, but usually I know, why it’s rejected. I have kinda tendency to go crazy with arrangements sometimes. But with this track I was pretty confident. And also, it was temporary held for some time, so, I guess, it wasn’t so obvious decision to reject it. But the team didn’t provide any specific comments, so maybe somebody can help me with this? I’d really appreciate this :wink:


Hey @b7official,

Nice track! From early first impression it’s hard to believe it was hard rejected. It fits the target genre very well and in general sounds good.

However there are a few standout elements that, for me, would warrant a reason for rejection.

  • The organ in general starts to get quite loud and overpowering from 0:43

  • 0:56 is a problem. The harmony in theory should be fine, but the two organ notes do not cooperate here and sound very harsh. Lots of concentration in the 1-2Khz mids and they stick out like a sore thumb here. I would try and remove any distracting intervals or chords, and bring the organ levels down to sit better in the mix.

  • The guitar from 1:12 starts to sound quite fake, and is dominantly loud in the mids such that it sticks out of the mix, specifically at 1:16, 1:25 and various other points throughout the rest of the track. It’s throwing off the stereo balance as well. I’d recommend give it some compression and bring the levels down a bit - maybe EQing to attenuate some of the mids.

Other than that, it’s a groovy little track and seems to hold up well in my opinion. Keep working on it and I think it will stand a very good chance of approval :wink:

James / AA


Thank you very much for the feedback, James!
Yeah, it was hard to deal with that organ, I even put there couple of dynamic EQ’s, so some frequencies will not stick out too much. But I think, I will readjust harmonic content of it.
And you totally right about guitar.
This was very useful! Thanks! :smile: It helps a lot to hear feedback from someone, cause usually I’m by myself all the time.