hard rejected again, sigh

so this track doesn’t meet the commercial quality?

maybe but I was sure about it, but well…

I see nothing wrong with your track, it makes no sense to me…

i know right, I feel like i’m doing better every time I post a track to AJ. well, idk how to adapt with this situation right now…

your use of LPF/HPF seems a little incidental, but I think the mix sounds very good, the style may not be everyones cup of tea but someone may find that flavor perfect for their project. Others may offer up all kinds of things to do to “so called” change or improve your track, but something is going on with the way tracks are being reviewed and I think no matter what you would have changed it would have made no difference on being rejected. As another set of ears, my opinion is your track is completely sufficient for the market of someone’s video or corporate background. best of luck in your future endeavors…

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hey @DemiseStudio!
I’ve listened to your track and I think it has a few reasons for it to be rejected. First of all you take your melodic line through three different instruments\sounds - whistle, guitar and sax which is not a good idea - and they sound outdated, they don’t feel natural (the guitar shoud sound and feel like someone is actually playing it, the whistle should sound humanized and the sax, I guess it’s a sax but doesn’t sound like one); there are no changes in the track, (no bridges, no actual build-ups) practically you play the same tune all over again and the song gets a little annoying because you expect something and it delivers nothing extra. I’m not really into tropical house music so I won’t give advices on how to make a tropical house track but these overlooked mistakes definitely mean rejection; and I hear a bad note at 0:47 (maybe it’s just me, kind of late here :slight_smile:

Best advice? listen to good selling tropical house tracks on AJ, and take it from there as a reference.

Best wishes,



bass level is too low, guitar is badly played, sax even worse, song tempo is slow and mix/mastering is not so great. maybe that are the reasons

I agree with EnzoX, and try to do a little bit more faster the intro, to show al potential of the track in 15 sec. and the tempo faster too. Best regards!