Need an advice on rejected track, reviewing survey
I think it was rejected because of too much melodies (sax, especially), and/or mixing. But I would be grateful to hear some useful words from “guru of approvement”))
Also, I want to raise the issue on the approval process. Isn’t it would be a great idea to write a few words (3-5) on rejection reasons, for us, authors? Words from a reviewer, I mean. It takes 5 seconds, but benefits from those “tips” are endless:

  1. The author knows what direction to move further and develop
  2. Reviewer spends less time viewing the records - the authors will make less similar mistakes
  3. Faster approval process
  4. There will be more high quality tracks - more money for Envato
    Sorry, if this question was mented here on forums.

Cool! sounds like MacGyver when he performing research.

The kick sounds like from a kinder drumkit, also the snare.
Try a string bass with more feel and some more modern synths. The sax was the best.

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This may have been rejected because it sounds very dated and cheesy, like out-of-style 80s music. Also the mix is a bit rough.

Thanks for the reply. “Dated” - because of drums and guitars? Or overall? How can I fix it?
“Rough” - you mean frequency conflicts between instruments?

Hey Myzrael!

That’s a pretty specific and unique track. I don’t think it really fits the typical idea of stock music. The sax especially is quite out there to me.

The guitars that are ‘droning’ are way too loud at points, really noticeable in the intro. You need some more variety in the main theme, especially the drums. Instead of just changing up the melody I’d focus more on developing and adapting the theme over time.

Really I just think this track is quite specific in style, and a sax melody should definitely never be as quiet in a mix as this one is.

Good luck in the future!


Dated - stylistically, it is from another era, it’s not `current’. Drums, guitars, sax, beats etc.

Rough - the mix is unpolished, the instruments don’t sound like they’ve been treated with mixing techniques to bring them out and make them shine

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Hi there @Myzrael
I think you have some errors in the mix, low mid frequencies are too loud, sax is maybe too dry and quiet. Also you should pay more attention on details in arrangement. I hope this was helpful to you.


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Thanks, man, I’ll consider that in my future “reworking”)

Appriciate for the useful tips