Got rejected, if you people can tell me what i did wrong?

So, i just submitted 1 tropical house track about a week ago and after couple days my track got rejected. I had no idea what to look after about the rejection. So here my track that i uploaded to soundcloud:

if you nice people could help me out, i’d appreciate it so much! thanks

This track has good potential. Here are a few issues that may have led to a rejection:

  • The sfx in the intro distracts from the track and makes it less usable for a wider range of projects
  • Overall the mix is pretty muddy. Try cutting more of the low-mid frequencies.
  • The panning is a little too extreme in places and distracts from the arrangement

Hope that helps a little :slight_smile:

Well, as a really beginner into music making especially with this specific type of track, I’ve been struggling getting the right approach into the mix. But thanks for your feed so much appreciate it, definitely nice to hear your advice. I’d like to do what you’ve been suggested to me! :slight_smile:

oh and yeah,if you could please tell me the quick and simple fundamental of AJ acceptable mix? that’d be great! again thank you so much :slight_smile:


If you’re starting out check out some of the best selling AJ tracks for the genre you’re composing in and use these as a reference. YouTube has a ton of mixing tutorials and Groove3 has some excellent paid ones. There’s no secret AJ mix technique but do try to keep things clean, well balanced and true to the genre you’re writing in.

Alright man, I really appreciate your feedback. So basically what i get is that i need to be more specific and keep the clean procedure based on music type that i’m working. well, i really enjoy the minutes spend to listen your advice. i’ll keep learning and get more exposure on this one. Thank you so much!

Wish u have good selling! cheers :slight_smile:

No worries, best of luck to you too!

DemiseStudio I think your track would be top-notch if there were not some errors.
Here they are:
too wide stereo panorama (such a feeling that the picture was stretched artificially) creates an unnatural sound, phase distortion and huge losses in the monocompatibility. I recommend that you check your mixes for mono compatibility (so that the loss is minimal).
Also, the Master bus is clearly overcompressed. (it is audible even not with a unaided ear)

And the latter is worth working on the loudness of each track / multitrack (in your project).

I hope you will be fine!
Best regards SMARTSOUNDS!:sunglasses:

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thanks for your big advice sir!
I definitely wasn’t expecting the stereo going to be so extremely artificial. i didn’t know any stereo expanding method, i just simply widen the by fully adjusting the stereo separation on the master bus and adjusting some panning the other mixer track. and the mono compatibility, its something that i definitely missed it on the finishing part. I’m glad you gave me this solution :slight_smile: well, i’ll simply work more harder to be able get the proper mixes on my future tracks!

Thank you so much, have a good selling! cheers

Demise Studio