Hard rejected 3 times pls help

Hi i m new here and i don’t know where made a mistake. I working on simple stuff like icon for start.
I was trying 3 time with different vectors and i always was rejected.
Do not know do i made mistake with preparation vector for envanto.
When i send file include EPS 10, Jpg, Ai CC and info with my mail adress.(for prev 590x590 and 80x80 jpg)

Last time i was worked on simple snowflakes. What are u guys think?

Hi @AlexAndAr1, well for starters you can’t put your home address or business address in with your product.

First name or nickname is allowed here, but if l remember correctly they are not crazy about full names or details?

As for the snowflakes, probably too simple.

But you can create a website or blog and link to that, but you can only show Envato products, you cannot sell other stuff on it, but you can give related stuff away for free.

Good luck.



Thank you tmcom, as i say i m new here. Do not know what i need to put in info? I have much more complicated vector but they rejected as well. They didn’t say why. I saw much more vectore like my and they are sold many times. But now i can’t try to send this vector again because is hard rejected.
I would try one more time with new vector without email adress and i hope they will accepted.

One more qustion for people who work with vectors. Do you can have outlines or you must expend line before send to envato?

Arrrm, I don’t deal with Vectors, (click on avatar, etc) but it is best to buy one of your competitors to get up to speed quickly!


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really shane? lol as for me i see complex ones , not simple and a snowflake is a snow flake most of gus have been creating some which were not much more complex, which is not that surprising indeed, as , at a time, u have gone through all the possible combinations … lol

hey Shane, that may help for sure but let’s face it , trying to get to check where other guys are posting such items will be even more helpful in my view , we are not ignoring that uploading in the wrong place basically means hard rejection …

anyone who could write his/her personal information can have business outside of the marketplace, and this is why this is not allowed … rightfully so

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hi, as for me i see no real issue with what u’ve done, your flakes look good and eel executed from where i sit and i don’t know what’s the reason for the item to get binned

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Thank you for trying to help me. I m on vacation now but when i return i will try a few more times to upload somethig on envato. I hope i will make good enough to pass.