GraphicRiver submission has been hard-rejected, please advice!

Here is my submission piece for reference:

May I know what is required to improve on so that I may apply that to my next design piece?

Additionally, while I was familiarising myself with the Common Rejection Reasons for Envato Market, I read that one of the reason for rejection could be due to uploading the submission into an incorrect category. In this case, could I still be allowed to submit my design in a different category (maybe Icons instead of Vectors)?

Will there be any penalty if I do not change my designs (despite the hard rejection) prior to submitting it under a new category

Thank you for reading this!

hi i am not sure what is the “official reason” for the item to be hard rejected indeed but i tend to believe that there is probably something to do with the fact that u superposed letters and that this is sort of looking messy , not to mention that this is hard to distinguish the symbol / readability is no great to say the least, also due to the fact that there is an issue - for the same reason - with contrast, which is a basic design principle and thus not a good idea to mess with … the presentation also looks kind of old due to the font u have chosen to use, i can identify that u may have chosen to make something looking classical - which is sort of fine - but the thing is that what u have here looks rather old than classical according to me …


Actually I like the superposition of stylize Chinese characters over a traditional ones. Go further with this idea and you can intercalate old and new by writing words or quotes. Maybe you can play with 3D glyphs. I agree with @n2n44 the fonts that you used in presentation doesn’t work.


Anything from the far east ain’t so pop these days :slight_smile: (recent c-xx tamer)

disclaimer. this is not provocative in any way, I think laughter is better. thanks.

Thank you very much for the feedback!

Thanks alot for the feedback!

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Hey I too want to be helpful too :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

These symbols, like make them third of their thickness, with rounded corners, not sharp like now, without the background symbols, which only make things not stand out, and in ELECTRIC PURPLE on white background! with a preview of at least 860px in height which doesn’t include font styles other than Roboto, Barlow, Montserrat and similar. Should be faaar better. Thanks!

p.s. the “ticket in” has to be top notch, then you can do alternatives.

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I see, thank you very much for the advice! I will try it out :relaxed:

Thanks for the tip too!

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