Hard reject?


Hello! What is wrong with my item? Why hard reject? I don’t understand…


Hey there :slight_smile:
To put it in a few words it looks too simple. It has some style and it’s eye caching for first 5s, but when the animations start to repeat the whole interest is lost. The animation must progress. Nobody wants to look at the same thing again and again :slight_smile: Listen the way your chosen music track evolves, how the beat gets louder and louder, the way more instruments come into play over time increasing the mood. Apply this principle to your animation :slight_smile: evolve the animation through the whole video, make the viewer want to see whats next. I doesn’t have to be radical, but maybe some photo/text distortion, texture or color difference… I can’t tell you exactly what to do to make it look good, you got to try it out and find it yourself :wink: You got the sense of style, but you need to express it more:) Be creative :slight_smile: I hope that makes sense to you and helps :wink:

Good luck with next projects :slight_smile: