Hard reject..

Hi, do you have any ideas why my flyer has hard rejected…? Thanks.


Hi @WAP14, using several fonts for the last line of text is probably one reason, and l couldn’t comment on whether or not Envato allows text to be separated like that, but l have rarely tried it?

I don’t understand the #HAS TAG, but everything else looks good to me, well, apart from the open book behind her that seems to be showing different perspectives on each side.

I think that might be the main reason it got canned, since the book would have to be torn in two to pull that off.

I know that it isn’t the background since l got one in very recently with a similar background.

Also the model cannot be included, only a soulette of her. And don’t use gradients since they can be undone by the customer and also get it rejected.

But this design has good bones, so you should get one in soon, keep going.


I think it should be #Hashtag - it’s a twitter thing. Not sure it works though as it would be hard to replace that text with a #TremendouslyRealHashtag. :slight_smile:

Main problem I see is the large title - the styling looks kinda dated and not good. Might need to change the font also, but main thing is to improve the style of it. Plus the sky background doesn’t look too good - what’s with those pink lines going up the side of it? I would use a different background, something more appropriate to the theme.

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Thank you! :smiley:

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