Got hard rejected, looking for feedback. Retro flyer

Hi everyone!

I just got rejected so I’m looking for a ‘why’ and how to improve myself for future designs.
The reason was because it didn’t meet the standard quality.

This is the flyer I uploaded:

This is the FB banner I added:

Thanks in advance!

hi , well there is much to do in terms of typo, the whole thing should be reworked in this side in my view, paired fonts are not matching well in my view , u have a contrast issue as well since white texts on colorful circles are basically almost unreadable
u should drop some shadows in many places as welll
and i tend to believe that u should have a bit more work as far as the background is concerned
finally i think that there are a growing number of this style so u need to bring some real originality to the table

just tes


what do u mean pls?

Hey n2n44!

Thanks for the advice!

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no problem :slight_smile:

I agree with you N2N on this matter completely

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anybody why cannot reply to my item ?

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

i did already as for i know