Hard reject why?

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I’m facing exactly the same problem with my site…BUMP for your post. if you found any solution kindly guide me too!

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Im waiting for solutions

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hi indeed there are a lot of reasons for this item to be rejected in my view

1- typo
to be honest , i see an intention to bring originality to the table, to combine font and so on but honestly the combos are simply not working , u did not manage to create any harmony , this rather looks strange more than any other thing at this stage . pls also keep in mind that here typo is the most important issue and the cause for many rejections, alone … standards are high and same goes with expectations as regard to typo …

2- contrast
well, needless to say that choosing some yellow text on an orange background is not the best choice of all to say the least … and that this directly leads u to violate a basic design principle (contrast) which in a snow ball effect brings to be confronted with mire troubles again …

3- hierarchy
this is linked to point 2, u have broken a rather calibrated huercrahy otherwise …

4- readability
this is coming from once again the lack of contrast of certain texts with the background but not only as this is not helping u to valu texts to out them too close from the edge and in particular when the choice of the typo makes the thing get even worst … (like for summer)

5- misbalance
i am sorry to say just this but the repartition of elements on the canvas is very variable , there are some parts of the flyer which looks crammed when some other are way emptier and this is making u face harmony problems ultimately …

6- spacing
make sure that everything is aligned properly that u have en equal spacing between the left and right parts of the footer …

7- coherence
quite frankly the bulletr with the promotion looks completely disconnected with the rest in both text orientation and colors and in the end this is looking like coming out of the blue indeed

8- icons
they are flat , bring not much graphically speaking and are not even popping out due to the lack on contrast until we may wander what they re doing out there in the end …

9- text disposition the text on the left are globally too close from the edge in the best case it will be lacking of breathing in the worst one u have be not far to have cut problems …

10 - global style
to be honest the flyer as such is a bit light graphic design wise and it would take u to push the envelope graphic design wise so that u can take your game to the next level, make it more original, give it a better commercial potential and so on …

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Thank you


u are welcome, if u have enough clues to get to know how to fix your item , pls check the “solution” box :slight_smile: good work and good luck :slight_smile: