Hard rejection

Hello, guys, I am new here and my summer party flyer was rejected and they said: " Unfortunately your submission doesn’t meet our current minimum technical quality requirements for the category it was submitted to." What is the problem with my flyer guys?

These are your technical issues:
Your model and the yellow circle are poorly isolated. The title effect is terrible. Leafs are low res.

You choose the ugliest fonts combination I’v seen in long time. Not to mention about graphic design rules, composition, integration, hierarchy, concept etc.

Thank you

hi , as for me , what i notice right fron the first glance is the dissonance in terms of style … between elements that are clearly not matching at all in my view … the model look super mega artificial in this context … it looks like being pasted like this , it does not look like this is part of a composition indeed . The lighting, the style. the posture, the outer glow, nothing is ok about about the model in my view … all looks like “coming out of the blue” about it … The typo part is really far from standards that are expected here … u indeed have combinations , which is good, but they are not working at all … , not to mention that the text is not overly popping out or being incredibly visible indeed … Putting text on complex background is not a super good idea when it comes to making them looks readable , to say the least this looks like parasitizing the text and taking impact and readability out of it … as well as this is making the hierarchy and relief fade away , too.
u also have a real issue of misbalance between top and bottom parts … the upper part is super crammed and the lower one is way more empty and the paradoxical thing is that where u have the model, and more substantial elements, u are have been multiplying the leaves in the back and have spasmodically put them in the lower part where there are less important elements in the end …
the footer texts are too close from the bottom edge , there is no breathing and not even sure that u are not inside the tramline zone or the safety zone, where u are expected to have no important item indeed
u should introduce some shadows under the model , not only to underline it, but as well, to make sure that the composition looks slightly more realistic , too
u are also not so far away from violating a basic des principle : contrast … some of the text hardly popping out enough form the background …

Thank you so much i have known my mistakes now.