Hard reject,please help!!!!

I have one item approved. But unfortunately my second one got hard reject.
Here is the deno- http://landing.webangon.com/chiki/

I need your valuable feedback on this. Is for design issue?
Thank you


I think your item don’t deserve it. I mean, yeah, there are some troubles with paddings and typography which deserve a Soft Reject… but Hard Reject? Ouch, we saw here much worse items which were approved.

I was under the impression that fatal errors in the code validation was an automatic hard reject.

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That’s exactly my point . I can name more than 5-7 templates that are worse than mine. My bad luck… Nothing to do. To me, I follow this rule, GOOD CODE + NOT GOOD DESIGN == SOFT REJECT.

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I understand just 5 minutes ago so i want to share with you follow this rule if you want to approve your new templates
Good quality design + Well and unique features + Low visual appeal + Valid Html/JS = APPROVED

https://validator.w3.org You should try this website!

Before upload please check every files one by one.


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