I got soft rejection ,please help!

I got soft rejection because of :
DESIGN QUALITY: Your item does not provide the necessary design quality to compete in the marketplace at this time …

if you have any idea on how I can improve design quality of this template,tell me PLEASE! . demo
Thank you so much.

Hi, there are several things I would improve:
The general design and layout - nowadays to get an item approved, you have to offer some unique design for your item. Unfortunately, there are many items similar to yours (submitted long ago of course).
Your section headings (My Blog, My Portfolio, etc.) are in conflict with the subtle gray headings behind, i.e they are on top of each other. Either offset the “behind” heading or add parallax scrolling effect or something to make it interesting but still usable.

In the contact section the form needs improvement: there are no hover or focus states for the form fields, which is not good from the user’s perspective. Also I tested the form, I think it’s submitting to mail.php, but you should have some form validation for success/fail when the message is being sent.
There are some spelling errors throughout which is of course not optimal - always check your work for grammar mistakes.

So, in short - make your design and layout more interesting, add some variations - like light and dark version, different page headers, footers and so on. When you have significantly improved your item, try and submit. Although I am not sure if this is a soft reject, looks more like a hard reject to me.

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thanks OctaTheme for this feedback