My Item has been rejected - Please for Feedback

Hello everyone.
My new item has got a hard rejection.
Can anyone give me some feedback?

Link :



I have see your item my opinion is your item rejection main issue is design quality.
Most of common design.Need to create more unique & aesthetic hope will approved.


Hello @dzonecreative , First of all don’t worry too much about hard rejection.

Your design is okay( not too unique but still fully acceptable). So no need to improve much.

The main thing is your template have so many errors. you should correct those all before submitting again.

Check this and solve all of this error.

and try resubmitting again.

Hope this will help you.

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Hi there,
I reviewed your template. Overall nice design but need to improve on typo, alighnment, spacing and more unique design.

I think it’s unique. design and effect are good. I think at least not a hard reject.
I just personally don’t like the gradient color. and typo spacing.

Good luck to you!