Item hard rejected, any reviews why?




It’s disappointing to see item getting rejected without being given any specific reason. Can anyone please help me point out the mistakes I made.

Edit: I just noticed I included an logo image of my official website (shown at the bottom of demo) in the template package, is it due to this?


I don’t know because your item is rejected but your themes is nice :frowning:



Unfortunately the design is very basic and does not meet TF quality standards.

There are many things to improve in your workforce start by familiarizing yourself with the quality of the market then you can start a new project.

It can be frustrating, but it is advisable to continue working.

Good luck


I agree with @TexTheme but what about this ? @kreativecodes has 10 times better design. :eyes:


Thanks, only if we knew the reasons of rejection :frowning:


Thanks for replying, I’ve been following themeforest form almost a year now, understanding designs, reading tutsplus, etc. I knew as it’s our first item, it’s bound for rejection but we were expecting soft rejection as we’ve put many hours working on this. It’d be unfortunate for us if this template is rejected for other things rather than design. Any suggestions on what could we improve?



Points to improve in the header section:

  • You have to change the typography and you have to play a little with the weights of the sources to generate hierarchy. It is necessary to add a focal point to guide users “to do”.

  • The spaces and separations have to be fluid and well organized in necessary to rephrase the way in which each thing is separated.

  • The images, it is necessary to search in some banks of images to get images more suitable to the type of project.

  • Try to be a little more creative with images, fonts, colors or shapes.

  • The logo can still be improved to be bolder.

He has a great job ahead of him.

Good luck


Reviewer hit the wrong button :grinning:


You’re going into probably the most crowded category on the marketplace - our site is ok but there not really anything premium, unique or different to it that doesn’t already exist.


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll improve this template and will submit it again in some days :slight_smile:


In my opinion it look nice but it’s too simple ( to short ) and too standard. You create 3 sections with very very typical design.


Thank you for feedback, I’ll try to improve my work :slight_smile: