Hard reject my item

hi . i uploaded one project in graphic river. but this item is hard reject .
I want to know your opinion to understand how I can improve the quality of my product and exactly where my problem was.
Thanks for your feedback

My product is presented in 4 colors and also has a help file.

With respect it’s nothing particularly new, pemium or unique especially in such a crazy crowded categorry.

It’s also quite odd to have two variants of the same logo, front and back, and even more unusual from a hierarchy perspective to have the hero side (front) logo smaller than the one on the back

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hi I am sorry I do not want u to feel like I am pummeling u , but honestly there is close nothing interesting here … this is far, very far from standards if u ask me … I am sorry but I’d better tell u the ugly truth so that u can measure out what type of effort u have left to do so that u can make it here (what I really wish u can do , this is why I tell u all this …). if u ask me, right now, for a designer with a decent knowledge of tools, well this takes not over 5 minutes to redo the concerned card, which is a problems will start developing things now …
1- commercial potential
this is not small deal because what is your purpose in the end? not only go through reviewing but also manage to sell and for this actually happens, u basically need to make sure that people will feel like they will save some time out of buying or that they will get a product beyond their personal design capacities. here u have none of these , to be honest …pls try to analyze what is left in the main zip file and try to consider things if u were a buyer? would u sincerely buy an item with very simple plain color shapes like this, with only block of texts and super basic organization , with no work at all in the background and so on? to telll u how I feel, if u put yourself in a buyer’s shoes, then u will clearly say that u would not buy such an item …and if u think about it, why a reviewer would accept a file that is already felt as having very little (or even possibly none) potential to sell , while the marketplace is saturated , that there are a lot of guys in town and that there is already a very extended catalogue of products?
2- lack of concept
pls figure this out, this is not 2009 anymore … the thing for an item to work is to hit a niche and for reaching such an objective , the best way to do is to have your targeted purchasing base to get to understand that u are addressing them … nowadays , items very generic and supposed to potentially suit anyone are simply being drowned instantly, in particular when there is nothign original in anyway in the concerned template. the marketplace has changed dramatically over the years and u have to adapt to this and adapt your creations to this
3- global style
well if u wanna know how I feel , I think that there is not much creativity or graphic design here at this stage and I would rather suggest u to try to push the envelope graphic design wise so that u can generate more relief, more originality and some extra value too which will lead people to approve the file and to buy it afterwards …
4- color variations
this maybe a good idea to offer multiple color variations in the first place but this may also turn rather inefficient if in the end u end up displaying some preview files that are not selling your work … in other words, make sure that all color version that u offer really look good and value the item , otherwise such a thing may turn unproductive , even more when the concerned colors are not even original or maybe introducing some additional problems to the table, such as contrast not being great, for example… pls see next point
5- contrast
u are on the verge of violating this basic design principle with several color versions indeed, as the contrast between the background color and the one of the text is simply not big enough so that the concerned text are not su9per visible or readable and clearly do not pop out … the same problem is much emphasized when it comes to the planet icon … this icon if super thin, in a color that dores not contrast enough andin the end u may wander what this is for and what this is bringing to the table as such ,since this is not aesthetic, not outstanding or anything else
6- typo
this maybe be considered as “clean” but also as very flat , which contributes to flatten the whole card globally … try to make more efforts about it , i mean try to put a bit more into it , this is a really important issue here , probably the overall prevailing one, in the end and much efforts will be asked to u about it

my dear friend . Thanks for all your explanations and thanks for posting and writing to me. I can communicate with you. Like WhatsApp or Skype?

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