Hard Reject, any advice ??

this track have been hard rejected, and I not sure why ?
Any comments, advice , or tips ??



This track is totally below the required AJ standard, both in terms of production and composition. There is no harmony and no flow. It almost sounds like you put a few random components together.

You should start from scratch, listen and practice a lot before your next upload. Good luck.

I will agree and disagree with FirstNote. At least i will not say that is just far far away from standards. There is flaws, yes but it can be done right. Technically you got fine muted guitar sound and piano sounds ok. I don’t like drums sounds at all, try to dig a better samples. But as FirstNote said there is really something going on with harmony and composition in general, also that upper piano notes sounds a bit abrupt and too hard. It just sound the same with no noticeable bridge just intro and 1-2 choruses. Try to catch emotion and ask yourself would you buy and use your stuff yourself. Again this is nothing too crucial, just a things you need to redone. Lucks on ya. :wink:

Learn how to do balancing of the instruments, the volume and location in space. On YouTube there is a video tutorial on this topic. I advise you to pay attention to your workplace and do it right then you’ll hear more accurate sound. About motive: Motive is not very format. Examine the base of the jungle and catch the essence. Good luck.

There IS harmony and flow. The track just needs better arrangement and mastering. I also agree that drums (snare in particular) are too overdriven for this kind of melody. I would suggest to work with instrument balance and mastering here, nothing more. Good luck.

Ok good, thanks for the advice. But in theory, when a song is hard rejected, I can’t resubmit it ?? (with modifications)

Once you’ve made some serious modifications, yes, you can.