Another Track Rejected ... could anyone help me understand?

plus a few hours dedicated …
and the track was rejected …

Hi there, here are a few thoughts

  1. You are trying to compete in the most overrun genre: “corporate motivational”.
  2. You are using ALL typical, worn-out, cliches (reversed fade-in cymbal, four-on-the-floor kicks, piano one bar chords, cheap echoed sampled harmonics, etc) that have been already beaten to death for years by others.
  3. There are probably around 100.000 tracks in this style here already so that nobody really needs any new tracks of this style, unless a) they are really well produced and b) bring something new to the table.
  4. Your production is mediocre compared to the good tracks in this genre. Your tracks are lacking warmth, a nice defined bottom, sound rather harsh and plasticky overall, and are simply weaker versions of what’s already here.

My advice would be to change the genre or spend some time working on your production skills. Good luck!