Hard reject again. Need your help


Yesterday our fifth attempt to publish on Themeforest gained Hard Reject. We made product corrections after each rejection, for example:

  • Convert all images to placeholders
  • Fixed a lot of small and big bugs
  • We put beautifully decorated and well-structured SCSS files
  • Made documentation
  • Made radically redesigned menu
  • Fixed colors and fonts
  • Added loader
  • We rewrote JS code to make it work better and faster
  • Our HTML is valid

Also we decided to publish on other (even not so popular) marketplaces and did not have big issues with it. For example you can find Best Dessert on Mojo Themes, Bootstrapbay and Themesnap.

What is the purpose of this topic? We want very much to publish on Themeforest and need your help. We would like to receive constructive criticism, rather than the standard «Your design does not meet the minimum requirements.»

You can see our product here: http://html.yenisite.ru/best-dessert-eng

We wait for your response, friends :slight_smile:
Sincerely yours, Romza team.


Try to change your color scheme and remove all animations because your animation speed and effects creating bad impression after some fixing you are ready to go and last thig is don’t give up you will be approved thank you


Footer colors looks not match


Your Theme is good. but I can’t read your Slider text.
It is better to use dark images in Slider.
Try to change Slider button size to smaller.
Good Luck with that


In my eyes it’s a very clean and nice template.

Though one thing I notice right away is there is no product view.

If this is intended to be e-commerce, let’s see a single product.

I also agree about the slider images as mentioned above and the text being used. It’s hard on the eyes.

My personal opinion is that the footer could use some work. Footers are generally an important resource.

All the best. Great looking template!


I think you need increase space between section, and padding of section.



Can you guys please help us as well as we have the same problem, our theme is hard rejected several times, ant feedback is appreciated.

Here is our demo url:

Here is the link to our topic:

Please give us your valuable feedback so we can do something to get approved.