Guys i need ya help. (Rejected item)


Guys i need ya help on this one. Yes, it was hard rejected and it was both mixing/mastering and arrangement. Would be sooo grateful if you can point some stuff here that i can improve. Thanks in advance.

Also using opportunity to start topic, i wanna ask, do you have some problem viewing analytics of your tracks?


There are phase problems. in the equalizer to cut side component 50,80,120 Hz. (At the hearing) . tools need to breed on the panorama. the idea is good, but not completed.


Thanks for your tips mate. I definetly need to double check bottom line next time. :wink:


I like the idea of the track, for me there is too much some mud in low frequencies and I would emphasise high mid.

I hope this was helpful to you,



Thanks for this. :smiley: Probably i should consider change my monitors.


Which one do you have? :slight_smile:


I got the baddest items you can imagine lol some crazy passive NAD monitors from mid 90s. I know i know :smiley: There were some bad chains of events but still it’s doable in one way or another. And what do you have? :blush:


Sometimes acoustic treatment is more important. Currently I use Mackie hr824 mk1, they are solid for me now. :slight_smile:


Yes, it is, acoustic treatment is sooo important and underestimated. Cool gear btw :smiley:


I think you need improve the mix. The main hook need more power more drum layer and “aggressive type sound”. That’s my idea. Good luck mate.


You could try adding a low pass filter LPF and high pass filter HPF to clean up some of the synthy type samples / sounds - especially the first main one we hear that is repetitive. Also, do you have your sound card EQ flat? This may assist to get a truer sound coming through your monitors so your mix will be a more accurate actual reflection of your mix in the DAW.


Yep, that’s may help to spice it a bit. :smiley: thx @LongXmusic
@StrawberryHill Thanks! That neat tip, never thought about that, an interesting idea. And yep, gonna try to re EQ it, and treat it better and more percise.
What do you think is it worth a second shot ? :smiley: