Hard Reject, Please Help)

Hi people, give me advice for my track

Hard Reject

Hello @STproduction, I think it’s perhaps too repetitive and the mix sounds a bit muffled to me. Also the white noise is not fitting in there in my eyes. A soundscape of real waves could do a good job there, help to let it sound more chilled :slight_smile:

Hi, mate! In my opinion its all about mixdown. The only thing sounds alright over here is drums. That low vol white noise which goes through whole track is makin mix dirty and weird. Probably you wanted to bring some old school effect like vynil or tape noise, but it didn’t work properlly. You better try to make up and down sweeps on each 4 - 8 bar for power effect on the drop. And there is not enought reverb, delay and stereo on intruments. But overall it’s a great idea with good melancholic melodies! Keep up the good work and you get your wanted results!

Thank You Guys!)