Guys, got rejected. Can you tell that the track is not quite wrong?

Here is my track.
wanted to experiment, but apparently failed :slight_smile:

Its nice track, but a bit harmonically incorrect to my ears when the melody of Christmas is playing

Maybe it’s just a tiny little bit too much?
But I think it’ a Nice funny track.

Really Interesting Work. And I would be interested to understand what the problem is.

not my type of music at all, but still I think it should have been approved… Sounds good and the idea works overall…

Very powerful sound! With this track Santa can distribute iPhones as a gift! :slight_smile:
I like the track, I would have approved!
I do not know, that might not like …

Very good track. Nice idea here. But I don’t know why it’s been rejected…(
I haven’t heard anything criminal in this track

Production is very good. It’s like prodigy beat :smile:
But some times notes out of harmony:
0:17 for example. 1:05 - something wrong with bass note, and 1:15 also this bass note.

Yeah close call, maybe if you had the bass line play more close to the original song, you’d be more lucky. It doesn’t have to be exactly like the original, but at least not harmonically clashing.

Compare if you like with this, you can hear the harmonies are a bit creative but still form conventional triads.

I like this dirty take on a classic tune, good job. But yeah, the jingle bells melody clashes a little with the bassline. I see where you’re going, and I like it, but for AJ reviewers that might be what’s wrong with it.

I like the concept and the quality and I agree with most comments above. For me the pitch bending transitions to the hard beats are too distracting. See what it sounds like without the bends. Keep pushing the envelope :slight_smile:

I get it, guys. Glad that my work you liked. With bass the essence of understand, but I specifically did with this idea that sounded original and interesting. However, in the letter from the auditors have been specified reason: bad mixing and mastering. In any case, could give the software, even if the reason the bass line. Very disappointing because the track was written specially for new year holidays for this site. But in the end nothing for him now. I would like to get a full review from representatives of audiojungle.

Support said nothing new. As usual! A standard set of text. Very disappointing