Hard rejected / ask for feedback



Hi there,

worked real hard on a chrismas tune, hard rejected, do you guys have any feedback as to what is / could be ‘wrong’ with this one? Thanks a whole lot!

Just follow this link, you don’t have to log in to hear it,
just hit ignore below (blue letters)



Hello, I’d love to help but the link doesn’t work for me. Can’t click it, anyone else has the same problem?


Same here.


Link doesn’t work.


Ok what i ve heard so far:
-Tempo might be too low
-too much bass
-too much mid 500 hz

Hope anyone can some find time to reflect on my sweet christmas tune



link in top post should work fine now


Sorry to say but some elements sounds like from a --> http://www.annonsera.se/images/00071/0/el-orgel.jpg

Some other parts are nice. :slight_smile:


Thanks for listening!
I actually think the organ is a cool instrument tho. But for you it might be associated with cornyness or something. Then again… Christmas music is supposed to be a little corny aint it? I doubt the presence of organ-like sounds would be the reason for the rejection :thinking:


I really like the track. In my humble opinion It seems like some of the background parts are a little too forward in the mix and they overtake the main theme. I also agree there is a bit too much bass.

Hope this helps!


Cool, Thanks a lot, really appreciate it! Ok i will try to work that out



Hi! Help, please, to understand what is wrong with this track: https://soundcloud.com/mr_d-5/energetic-uplifting-corporate


Nice tune, i like the general vibe you are going for. Real uplifting!

I would say the piano that comes in after a minute or so sounds a bit off timingwise, melody is cool
Also especially in the intro the drum sounds could be better, the intro could be somewhat more convincing, more organic

those are my 2 cents. Good luck, keep it up!


Hi! maybe the time, too slow, try to add some clap!:slight_smile:


Thanks! will look into that for sure :slight_smile: